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Above jersey depiction is a Beta Version and subject to final change before production.

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Jersey Production Bids or Questions

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Quantity: 50-100 sets for initial order

Style:   Sublimated

Primary colors:  Purple: Hex code #6629cd,   Blue: Hex code #2d46ff

Units:   Each set or unit consist of a home & away jersey and corresponding socks

Sizing: Youth S, M, L  /  Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Fabric construction & weight:  Mock Performance, Perforated, 77 cloth or greater

Construction specs:  Double or re-inforced shoulders, elbows, neck collar

Front & back body panels cut with a modified bell shape

Side inserts can be 38 c or better

Cuff ½ “, body trim ¾ “, neck collar 1 “

Fabric composition: polyester, nylon, elastane blends allowed

Numbered on the back panel, sleeves

Logos on front and back body panels

Logos on the shoulder panels

Socks information:  Same sizing variations, polyester, ankle cuff, Velcro fasteners

Predominant size:  Youth Large